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Sold Out & Limited Edition Kits!
I have a selection of Sold Out kits that are available for Private Order
If you are unfamiliar with any of the kits below
Please Google them.
Thank you

Huggable by Marita Winters
Marie by Olga Auer (Only 1 available)
Evangeline by Laura Lee Eagles
Tutti by Natali Blick
Delilah by Natalie Blick
Owen Francis by Laura Tuzio-Ross
Penny by Natali Blick
Kyoko by Sebilla Bos with alternate limbs
Kenya by Adrie Stoete

If you would like a quote
Please send inquiries to: Sales@cuddlemesoft.com
Please include kit name, gender, tone, hair and eye color (If applicable) in your email.
Cuddle Me Soft
Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
It's more than a doll.
It's a beautiful work of Art
Asian Reborn Baby Girl by Fay O'Neal - www.cuddlemesoft.com
Previous baby created from the
Marie kit by Olga Auer
Previous baby created from the Kyoko kit by Sebilla Bos