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Cuddle Me Soft
Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
It's more than a doll. It's a beautiful work of Art!
*********Nursery Announcements**********
Standard Business Hours Are:
Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
Excluding Holidays
Although I often work really late hours
I will respond to messages during this time
I have decided to Retire later this year.
Please do not miss your chance to bring one of my
creations home.

Please Click photo for full details
More babies coming soon!

There is 1 Private Order Slot Remaining
before my retirement
For details on Private Orders
Please click

Layaway is no longer available
You may contact Paypal for their
Bill Me Later program.
For details please visit Paypal's website

All items ship from the USA
Buyers outside of the USA are responsible for
custom fees if any.
Please contact your Custom office for details

Thank you all for your encouragement
and support over the years.
I am looking forward to the next
steps of my creative journey.
Upcoming Babies

Evangeline by Laura Lee Eagles
(Ethnic Girl)

Owen by Laura Tuzio Ross
(Biracial Boy)

Kyoko by Sebilla Boss
(Asian Baby)

Haley by Laura Tuzio Ross
(Biracial Girl)

Marie by Olga Auer
(Ethnic Girl - Twin A)

Marie by Olga Auer
(Ethnic Boy - Twin B)

Hailey by Wendy Dickison
(Baby Girl)

Penny by Natali Blick
(Baby Girl)

Many of the above kits are
Sold out Worldwide
Biracial Reborn Baby Girl For Sale
Ready to Ship
Ethnic Reborn Baby Boy for Sale
Inventory Clearance Special!
Adorable Biracial Reborn Baby Girl For Sale
Ready to Ship
Coming Soon!