7lbs 4oz
23" with bent legs
Full Soft Vinyl Sculpt
Henry sculpt by Sheila Michael
Rooted Lashes, and Hair
Adopted / Sold
Cuddle Me Soft Reborn Nursery. All rights reserved
Xavier Nathaniel
After weeks of carefully painting this adorable baby, I am pleased to present Baby,
This is not a ordinary reborn, great care must be used to adjust limbs.
This baby is made from a super soft vinyl that shows wrinkles and creases, which I think makes him more realistic.
This is a soft baby boy, he is not suitable for children.
You must be gentle with this doll or it will show stress marks.
I only choose detailed kits that will inspire me. The finest materials where used to create Baby Xavier, thus turning
him into an heirloom quality collectible reborn baby.
I am hoping to find him a loving adopting home, with someone who will treasure him as much as I do.
The hair line, and style is well mapped out before I pick up my needle.
I only use the best hair on my babies. I have a few excellent suppliers who only produce top of the line quality mohair.

Xavier Nathaniel has gorgeous hair! Her hair is rooted 1-2 tiny hairs at a time, then sealed twice with waterproof glue so
the new Mommy can gently style it. He has beautiful dark brown Mohair.
Silicone baby
Reborn Baby Boy for sale
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Silicone  doll for sale
Reborn Baby Boy
Lifelike reborn baby boy
the best african american reborn dolls
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Silicone baby