7lbs 2oz
23" with slightly bent legs
Full Limbs Jointed Body
Riley sculpt by Aleina Peterson
Premium Mohair
Beautiful Beaded Hair
Cuddle Me Soft Reborn Nursery. All rights reserved
This sculpt is extremely detailed, and I gave great attention to every crease, and adorable wrinkle. She has beautiful
shading much like a real baby.  I even gave her light veins.
Please note that I do not enhance my photos.
To capture the true beauty of ethnic skin you will see he has shade of colors to reveal a lifelike ethnic baby
Color may appear different based on your display settings.
Her eyes have been glazed to give an appearance of moisture
Shine was added to lashes
She has beautiful black mohair hair.
I beaded her hair in white to match any outfit.
All of my reborn babies are weighted with finely grounded glass, and cotton so that each doll will feel realistic when held in
your arms.
This baby is very floppy, if you prefer her to be stiff please let me know .
There is NO sand in any of my babies, making them safe to travel worldwide.
As a final touch they are sprayed with baby power so they look, smell, and feel like as close to a real baby as possible.
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Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
Because Babies are beautiful in Every shade!
Cuddle Me Soft