6lbs 7oz
approx 21"
3/4 Arms & Full legs
Eleanor Ann
by Laura Tuzio Ross
Beautiful Rooted Mohair
Hand rooted eyelashes
No sand used in any of my babies
©Cuddle Me Soft Reborn Nursery. All rights reserved
Gabrielle La'Shay
After weeks of carefully painting this adorable baby, I am pleased to present
Gabrielle La'Shay was created using a  Eleanor Ann kit by talented Laura Tuzio Ross .
Gabrielle is not suitable for children.
I only choose detailed kits that will inspire me. The finest materials where used to create Gabrielle.
She has realistic detailing, including a small birthmark on her thigh, glazed eyes and  semi dewy skin.
She is a adorable baby, and comes with a beautiful starter wardrobe
I am hoping to find her a loving adopting home, with someone who will treasure her as much as I do.
When I first receive a sculpt I unpackage it, inspect it, and give it a warm bath.
I think dry the part and lay them out so that I can decide if it will be a girl or a boy.  
Once that decision is made I then choose the ethnic background I wish to convey. Once ethnicity determined is I use
Ensuring each wrinkle and crease are properly attended to. I also give great attention to veins, and vessels, making sure
the measure is age appropriate to the baby I am creating.
I give great attention to detail. I often view photos of real babies in position, and  with facial expression of the baby that
I am trying to create.
I do not enhance my photos. I tend to take photos at different times so that you can see the true tone.
Tone make appear different based on your monitor settings.
Gabrielle will arrive with outfits shown, disposable diaper, magnetic pacifier (Not safe around pacemakers or  electronics), and birth
Gabrielle has gorgeous hair thin baby hair! Her hair is rooted 1-3 hairs at a time, then sealed twice with waterproof.
She has medium thick hair with just enough scalp visible to make her still look like a baby of her size.
She has beautiful soft black mohair
Cuddle Me Soft
Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
Because Babies are beautiful in Every shade!
Photos taken at different times of the day show off her beautiful tone
Below are photos of Gabrielle's body. She has custom made body to support her 3/4 arms &  legs
She was weighed to feel cuddly and semi-firm.
Below are photos of Gabrielle while she was in production.
I wanted to show her beautiful hair.
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Eleanor Ann by Laura Tuzio Ross
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Eleanor Ann by Laura Tuzio Ross
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