5lbs 6oz
19.5" with bent legs
3/4 Arms / Full Legs Jointed Body
Shyann sculpt by Aleina Peterson
Alternate Limbs
Adopted / SOLD
Cuddle Me Soft Reborn Nursery. All rights reserved
Dae Chanelle
This sculpt is extremely detailed, and I gave great attention to every crease, and adorable wrinkle.
She has beautiful shading much like a real baby.  I even gave her light veins.
Please note that I do not enhance my photos. I take photos at different times of the day to show the true tone.
Tone may vary based on your monitor setting.
To capture the true beauty of ethnic skin you will see he has shade of colors to reveal a lifelike ethnic baby
Her eyes have been glazed to give an appearance of moisture
Ethnic Reborn Doll
Cuddle Me Soft
Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
Because Babies are beautiful in Every shade!