7lbs 1oz
23" with bent legs
3/4 Limbs Jointed Body
Sold Out Elise sculpt by Natalie Blick
Premium Mohair
3 Adorable Outfits included
No Sand is used in any of my babies so they
are free to travel to anywhere in the world
Adopted / Sold
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Realistic Reborn Baby
Lifelike Ethnic Reborn For Sale
Ethnic Reborn Doll
Ethnic Reborn Baby
Ethnic Reborn Baby
AA / Ethnic Reborn Doll
Lifelike Biracial Reborn Doll
Reborn Baby For Sale
Reborn Doll For Sale
OOAK Reborn Baby
OOAK Reborn Doll
Black Reborn Baby
Collectible Reborn Doll
Ethnic Reborn Baby
Ethnic Reborn Doll
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Ethnic Reborn Baby
Elise by Natalie Blick
Ethnic Elise by Natalie Blick
Reborn Baby for sale
Beautiful Black Dolls
Ethnic reborn baby for sale
Ethnic baby for sale
Beautiful Reborn Baby
Art Dolls by Professional Artist Fay O'Neal
Because Babies are beautiful in Every shade!
Cuddle Me Soft
Annalise Brielle